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About the Authors

  • Tanja Suligoj / Research Scientist

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    Tanja is a rsesearch scientist at the Quadram Institute in Norwich. Her research interest focuses on the use of human in vitro models to study gut health and disease.

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How your samples help clinical research

Tanja is a research scientist working in the Quadram Institute. Tanja’s work is studying the interactions between specific food compounds and the lining of the gut. She works with clinicians from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, which ensures that her fundamental findings from the research labs transfer to benefits to patients and society.

Tanja’s research relies on the Norwich Research Park Biorepository and its experienced, skilled staff, and on the donation of tissue for research purposes. Working with human samples is key to translating research for patient benefits.

She uses tissue samples from patients who’ve given their consent to see in detail the effects foods have on real human tissue. The tissue Tanja receives is anonymous, with the data being kept securely in the Biorepository.

The donated tissue can be used to grow specialised cell clusters called “organoids” and are also used for “gut-on-chip” technologies.

These advanced techniques accurately mimic the human gut, which is important as could lead to a reduction in the need for animals in research.

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