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About the Authors

  • Jo Brooks / Gastroenterologist


How your data helps researchers

Clinical research underpins everything we do as a clinician. We need it to be able to diagnose patients, to be able to come up with new medications and to be able to determine how patients are going to respond with their diseases over time.

Using anonymised data allows us to share that data with colleagues who are doing excellent research, to get really important details and to get more out of the original research and that has a positive benefit directly for patients. It allows us to test novel therapies and to test potential new drugs.

That Anonymisation is so important, so that we can share that clinical data, with our colleagues and  be able to make more important discoveries and more important decisions about the research.

The anonymised data can be utilized in a circumstance where we need to know something about patients. So we need to know what medications they’ve been on, what age or what gender they are, because that alters the results.  The biorepository allows us to do that because clinicians in charge of their care can access that anonymised data for us and let us know so we can get the most out of the research.

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