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Donating your samples

Donating your samples

Donating helps research into diseases and development of new treatments


Why donate?

Donating samples of human tissue supports vital research into the causes of many diseases, and the development of effective new treatments.  Your samples let researchers understand exactly what’s happening in various healthy cells or tissues, and to see what goes wrong in diseases conditions. This research relies on access to large numbers of samples that we can only get when people like you consent to donate surplus tissues from screening or procedures.


How to donate and what happens next?

Our team will explain how ethically-approved research studies will use your samples and data, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you wish to donate.


How we look after your samples and data

Your samples are extremely important to us and future research, so we make sure that they are well looked after. Our teams works together to ensure your samples are safe and only accessed by approved researchers working to the highest ethical standards, and that your associated data is maintained securely.